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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The stupidity of Michael Brown and the arrogance of Joe Lieberman

As I promised, this week I'm going to talk about Joe Lieberman's role in the Katrina disaster and how his lack of leadership as senator ultimately cost people their lives.

You see, Joe Lieberman should carry a great amount of the blame since he chaired the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee when Presedent Bush nominated Michael Brown. Lieberman (in hooking up his best Republican friend) held a cute 42-minute love feast interview with Brown before he offered his full support.

42 minutes.

Now, since Lieberman chaired the committee, he obviously had access to Brown's resume, you know the resume that was full of lies that Time magazine picked apart in a matter of days (if not hours). It was Lieberman's responsibility to make sure that Brown qualified for the job but not only did he fail in his responsibility, he had the arrogance not to criticize or even question Brown or FEMA as the disaster unfolded right before our very eyes and millions of people around the world were watching Brown, the Department of Homeland Security (I'll come back and talk about Lieberman's role in creating this department later) and the entire Bush administration fall flat on their face.

First, lets look at a video highlight of Michael Brown from Spike Lee's documentary "When the Levees Broke" including the now infamous Michael Brown interview with on September 2 2005 and CNN's Soledad O'Brien where she ripped him to shreds and Brown looked as clueless as a newborn child. Again, please, please, please, remember that during this time, Joe Lieberman couldn't bring himself to either question of criticize Brown. In fact, Joe "always in front of a camera" Lieberman was all but silent during the height of this national disaster.

Now what did Joe Lieberman finally say after the media caught up with him. Was he outraged? Was he upset? Well, not really. According to Lieberman, he didn't want to play the blame game. Well I wouldn't either if I was responsible for appointing Brown to head FEMA or had access to his "padded" resume back in 2002.

No, Joe felt it was more important to protect his and the President’s ass.

There's Bush's favorite Democrat protecting him when everyone else in the world could see that the Bush administration failed the American public.

"Let's have hearings and get to the bottom of this!" Lieberman declared. Why? You know what happened and you knew your role in what happened. Instead of being a man and accepting responsibility for his role, he waved his hands and had the nerve to say only, "let's not play the blame game."


Now, when the media did their research and learned about Lieberman's role in the
42 minutes of shame, his response was also a Joementum classic (and pathetic).

To this day, we haven't received a clear answer from Lieberman on why he approved Michael Brown to ultimately run FEMA nor has he ever acknowledge that he basically screwed up. You see, Joe's to proud of a man to admit when he's wrong, like when he continues to be a cheerleader for President Bush's idiotic war in Iraq or when he was a the only New England senator to approve Dick Cheney's awful Energy Bill and so on and so on.

In closing, don't think Joe Lieberman's hands are clean when it comes to Katrina and the failure of the federal government to protect the people. Lieberman's failure to do his job costs people their lives and to this day, he has failed to acknowledge this obsolute fact. Never mind the "Katrina hearings" that happened after the event as tht was nothing but politicians covering their own asses, Lieberman could have done something very simple before Katrina ever happened, which was simply to do his job when he chaired the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee and first learned about Michael Brown.

Explain to me again why Lieberman deserves to be re-elected?