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Monday, August 28, 2006

Major union dumps Joe, endorses Lamont

Today in Hartford, Service Employees International Union-32BJ becomes the first union to back Ned Lamont after endorsing Joe Lieberman during the primary.

From Lamont campaign press release.
"After hearing from both candidates our members voted overwhelmingly for change in Connecticut and Washington," said Paul Philson, State Director of SEIU. "Our 50,000 workers are going to get off the sidelines and work enthusiastically for Ned Lamont to bring change to Connecticut and Washington."

"If we want to change the way we do business we need to change the people who represent us," said Mike O'Brien of CSEA. "Joe running as a minor party candidate can only hurt the working people of Connecticut."
This is a pretty big thing for obvious reasons and I woulod be shocked if more former Lieberman endorsements cahnge their tune and switch to Lamont.