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Monday, August 28, 2006

Chris Dodd for Prez?

Seems like someone is testing the waters but why is he coming out of the gates so late?
Sen. Christopher J. Dodd will make his first visits to the key 2008 states of Iowa and New Hampshire next month to test his appeal as a possible White House contender - but he's starting later than most candidates, and is far less known.

Dodd, who has planned appearances in Iowa the weekend of Sept. 8-10 and New Hampshire the following weekend, is the latest in a field of about a dozen Democrats thinking of vying for the party's presidential nomination, most of whom have already stumped in those states and are building organizations.

Dodd's New England roots are expected to help him in New Hampshire, but he faces two challenges in Iowa, where the Jan. 14, 2008, caucus will be the first test of the 2008 presidential season.

First, he's not a familiar face. "They think he's the other senator from Connecticut," said Dennis J. Goldford, a professor of politics at Drake University in Des Moines, referring to the publicity about junior Connecticut Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman's Aug. 8 primary battle with Ned Lamont.

Second, said Peverill Squire, a professor of political science at the University of Iowa: "He's showing up a little bit late."