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Monday, August 28, 2006

DeStefano endorsed by SEIU, repeats his support for Lamont

Today, John DeStefano was endorsed by the Service Employees International Union along with Ned Lamont and the Democratic candidate for Governor had no problem repeating his support for Ned Lamont.
"I don't stand here by accident with Ned Lamont. I stand here fully supportive with the message he is taking both to the families of Connecticut and to the nation," DeStefano told the crowd. "This election is about change, it is about change and the things that our families want and I'm proud to be standing here today in supporting Ned Lamont, clearly, wholeheartedly, completely, as our next United States senator."


"Ned Lamont took a stand and spoke to what was in the hearts and in the lives of Connecticut's families," he said. "And voters responded to that and they sent a very clear message about what they want."
With November creeping up on us, this union endorsement should help both candidates' GOTV effort. I'll have more on DeStefano's endorsement later.