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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Desperate politican plays the race care AGAIN

How pathetic.
The Joe Lieberman campaign has released a new home-stretch 60-second radio ad which slams Ned Lamont as racially insensitive for his membership in the diversity-wanting Round Hill Country Club, echoing that flyer that Lieberman operatives distributed in and around black churches.


Some of the new ad's text:

"In the 1960s, as a college student, Joe Lieberman fought for equality and marched with our civil rights leaders in the South," a narrator says. "Ned Lamont says he will stand up for all the people of Connecticut, but did you know that for 16 years, Ned belonged to Round Hill, an exclusive country club not known for its diversity?"...

"Ned Lamont only resigned from Round Hill after he decided to run for the Senate because he was afraid it would become a campaign issue. Born into wealth, Ned Lamont is trying to buy a seat in the United States Senate. Membership may have its privileges, but the Senate isn't one of them."

Any wonder why this ad is ONLY being played on hip-hop stations? Without any evidence that Club Round Hill Country discriminates, Millionaire Joe Lieberman decides to end his 18-year senate career by once again using the race card.

Do you think Dr. Martin Luther King would approve of Lieberman's tactics?

Please give this desperate, dishonest, pathetic poltician his walking papers on Tuesday.