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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Republican candidate for Attorney General steals source code from RI Senator Lincoln Chaffee's site?

Oh man, just when you think things couldn't get any more bizarre...another Drudge light moment lands in my lap.

I don't know how much more of this I can take.

The great Spazeboy discovers an interesting thing about the Republican candidate for Attorney General, Rep. Robert Farr. It seems that the man who is running against Richard Blumenthal isn't very bright...or his campaign is pretty sloppy (take your pick).

Spazeboy shows (in great detail) all the goodies he found when he explored Farr's website. I don't want to steal his thunder so I'll let him give you the rundown.

(Warning: this will make you laugh...you've been warned).

Anyway, to humor myself, I wandered over to BobFarr.com which is Mr. Farr's bare-bones campaign website. Here's what I see at the top:

(click on any of the images to enlarge)

Dignity. Experience. Honesty. Well, those are good things, right? So I keep looking, just scoping things out.

Then, on this page, I discovered a typo, and moved my mouse over the e-mail link to see if the link was broken too:

My mouse cursor is hovering over the e-mail address, but was not captured by the screen shot. Take a look at the status bar in the bottom left:


I point my trusty Firefox browser to http://www.chafeeforsenate.com and looky what I found!

That looks kind of familiar. Especially the graphical text reading "Dignity. Experience. Honesty." in the green bar.
Spazeboy finds out that the sites are more than familiar, THE HTML CODES ARE EXACTLY THE SAME. Spazeboy has both HTML/CSS codes on display so go to his site, take a look at the codes side to side, and decide for yourself.

I think if your running for a high state position such as Attorney General, it would be wise not to steal another person's website...it might be good for your campaign if you get caught.

Spazeboy: Joe Lieberman AND Bob Farr's everlasting nightmare.