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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Nancy Johnson testing negative talking points on Murphy?

Oh my, looks like Nancy Johnson is planning to go negative on Chris Murphy.
I just received a push poll, didn't take down the detailed information (sorry)but it was essentially a generic political poll followed by several nasty questions about Chris Murphy, Nancy Johnson's opponent in the race. There was nothing negative presented about Nancy Johnson.

Moveon.org was also slammed in the push poll as an "ultra-liberal organization," and the most memorable question was:

"Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for Chris Murphy knowing that he has the support of organization that used the coffins of dead American soldiers in their advertisements?"

The other push polly questions were about some changes to medicare (increasing costs to senior), something about a senior athletic competition (?) and the horrors of translating documents into french and spanish...

The greatest thing about this push poll: I started being somewhat supportive of Chris Murphy. By the end, I was ready to volunteer for his campaign.
So much for Nancy running on her record. BTW: Wasn't it Johnson who complained about negative ads?

(cross post from Hat City Blog)