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Monday, July 17, 2006

But in Lieberman's world, things are getting better in Iraq

Tell that to this guy.
As I hung up the phone, I wondered if I would ever see my friend Ali alive again. Ali, The Times translator for the past three years, lives in west Baghdad, an area that is now in meltdown as a bitter civil war rages between Sunni insurgents and Shia militias. It is, quite simply, out of control.

I returned to Baghdad on Monday after a break of several months, during which I too was guilty of glazing over every time I read another story of Iraqi violence. But two nights on the telephone, listening to my lost and frightened Iraqi staff facing death at any moment, persuaded me that Baghdad is now verging on total collapse.

Ali phoned me on Tuesday night, about 10.30pm. There were cars full of gunmen prowling his mixed neighbourhood, he said. He and his neighbours were frantically exchanging information, trying to identify the gunmen.

Were they the Mahdi Army, the Shia militia blamed for drilling holes in their victims' eyes and limbs before executing them by the dozen? Or were they Sunni insurgents hunting down Shias to avenge last Sunday's massacre, when Shia gunmen rampaged through an area called Jihad, pulling people from their cars and homes and shooting them in the streets?
I encourage everyone to read this article that details the horror people are facing in Iraq. Keep this in mind when you read this horror tale, Senator Lieberman still stands by Bush's policies and refuses (to this date) to hold this administration accountable for the numerous mistakes which has placed Baghdad into utter chaos. Now, Lieberman is angry that someone is challenging him for "his seat" based on his close relationship with conservatives and his shameless willingness to chastise Democrats who opposed the President over the years.

What Lieberman doesn't understand is that he's part of the problem. You see, Bush's incompetence is one thing but that's nothing compared to an 18-year Democratic senator who stubbornly refuses to challenge the policies of this administration (to the delight of Republicans). Instead of working with the Democrats, Lieberman gleams in his role as master cheerleader for the neo-cons with his repeated boneheaded assertions that things are getting better in Iraq we should "stay the course."

Can anyone still take this claim seriously when faced with the overwhelming evidence that things are not getting better in Iraq..in fact, they're getting worse by the day.

Here's a question senator, why don't you defend your record in supporting Iraq. Instead of changing the subject and smearing Ned Lamont with outright lies, go across the state and do stump speeches supporting this war and convince us that you made the right decision.

Convince us why we should respect the courage of your convictions. Convince us why we should respect the word of a man who, like his neo-con buddies, had no problem taking deferments when it was his time to serve in Vietnam.

Let's see you convictions senator and defend your Iraq war record and stop calling anyone who challenges you a "plant from the Lamont campaign." While you're at it, try holding an event where the public can attend instead of your "invitation only" photo-op campaign stunts.

The public is waiting...with three weeks left till the primary, is the senator up for the challenge?