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Monday, July 17, 2006

Joe goes to a Baptist Church?

Oh, this was sure to be a bomb. What was Joe's staff thinking?

A little bird gave me this report:
Joe showed up late last night at Mt. Aery Baptist Church with a large entourage and a cameraman. He was told he could worship with the congregation, but not speak, and the camera could not come in.
Now really Joe. At the last minute, you're running to the African-American community for support...and YOU SHOW UP LATE WITH A POSSE AND A CAMERA like you're some type of hip-hop artist!?!

Does Lieberman take African-Americans for fools?

You go to one of the biggest Baptist chruch in Connecticut for a cheap photo-op...AND YOU SHOW UP LATE!?!

Where were you when we needed you? Where were you these last six years? You haven't answered a phone call much less show up anywhere near a Baptist church so why do it now.

Does Lieberman take African-Americans for fools?

While you were at Mt. Aery Church, did you care to explain to the congregation about your record regarding Affirmative Action or school vouchers? What about Social Security and your refusal to object to the President's proposal to privatize the program till the very last minute?

And what up with bringing a posse to a Baptist church (with a camera no less)? What a cheap stunt as your only objective was to be photographed/videotaped next to minorities.

Does Lieberman take African-Americans for fools?

Well Senator Lieberman, as an African-American, I find this stunt not only cheap, but very upsetting. Don't think this will get you any votes...African-Americans are on to your tactics and see right through you as if they have X-ray vision.

BTW: Ned Lamont didn't insult people as he met with people at a large Baptist Church on Friday night in New Haven and he definitely didn't show up with a POSSE and A FRICKING CAMERA to record his every word.

...and he definately didn't diss people by showing up late!