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Monday, July 17, 2006

Boxer taking a pounding over promise to stump for Lieberman

She had this coming to her...
Liberal activists, including some California Democrats, are furious with Sen. Barbara Boxer -- a leading critic of the Iraq war -- for her active support of Sen. Joe Lieberman, a Democrat who staunchly defends the war in Iraq.


That decision has divided his Senate colleagues and Democrats nationwide. And the Lieberman race has ignited a fiery debate among Democrats, now raging on political blogs, about loyalty, political principles and whether the three-term senator has betrayed his party and should be tossed out.

Boxer, a California Democrat, said she decided to support Lieberman, and campaign for him in Connecticut, even though ``we have no common ground surrounding the issue of the Iraq war.''


Within days, Huffington Post and Daily Kos, another liberal blog, were filled with angry responses from Californians. ``She better cancel that [Connecticut] trip if she wants any more donations from me and other California activists,'' wrote one.

``She's a damn foolish, selfish sellout,'' another wrote.

One leader of the Progressive Democrats of America, Mervis Reissig of Sonoma County, said: ``I'm in a state of shock. What Sen. Boxer is doing is a total invalidation of one of our main values. Right now the war is a more important issue than choice.''

A mortgage broker in Topanga Canyon, Dorothy Reik, said Boxer's decision ``shows she's part of that `old boys' club' in the Senate, where some sort of personal loyalty overrides your principles.''
Question: give me one word that best describes Joe Lieberman right now.


Well, at least Sen. Boxer can't use the "I missed the train" excuse when she backs away from campaigning for Lieberman in Connecticut. That line has already been used by Sen. Biden and as we all know, double dipping is a BIG no no.