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Monday, July 10, 2006

Another Lieberman event blows up in Joe's face today

Oh man, the reports are still coming in right now but it seems like Joe had his ass handed to him in Stamford today.

I thought Joe Biden's "no-show" was the highlight of the event...WOW, was I wrong.

Now, I'll get the full-rundown soon, but here are some brief highlights:

* Lieberman snuck in the back door rather than face the couple of people outside with anti-Joe Message signs (one sign said "Commit or Quit" and the other sign that ripped into Joe over his high approval rating among Republicans. I heard that particular sign really got under team Joementum's skin).

* Only 20-25 people showed up for the event. There were more Lieberyouths there (at least 30) than guests (so sad).

* A fellow blogger asked Lieberman's political director if he wanted to give my friend a copy of his resume to deliver to Lamont. I don't think the political director was too pleased with that question...

* Lieberman's staff were trying to sell the story that Biden missed the train because he returned late from Iraq. Two things pop into mind when they offered that lame excuse:

1.) When did Biden get back from Iraq (can someone out there get me this info on when Joe flew back into the states). I'd be surprised if he just came back Sunday BUT if he did (fat chance), why didn't he just fly to Kennedy Airport (as opposed to D.C.) and stay in the area overnight.

2.) If Biden did go to D.C., why didn't he just catch the next train since the trains run about every 45 min.

* Reporters from Stamford Advocate, New York Times, and all several television stations were present and caught Lieberman in an "uncomfortable" moment as he was grilled by an Irish-American woman who was able to get into the event (she'll have a posting on her encounter later).

I promise to update everyone as I get more info but it's safe to say that team Joementum bombed yet again today. Also, be sure to catch the 5 and 6 P.M. local news as I'm sure they'll have something to say about the whole thing.

Joe Lieberman's campaign...the gift that keeps on giving.

UPDATE 2:50 p.m.: About that lame excuse team Joementum gave about Senator Biden being late because of his trip from Iraq...
According to news reports, it seems like Joe Biden got back into the states on Saturday!
Sen. Joe Biden returned from his seventh trip to Iraq on Saturday with serious misgivings about the new civilian government's ability to keep the country running once U.S. troops begin to withdraw.

Also, here's the train schedule from D.C. to Stamford. Seems like they run quite a few trains during the day (like every 1/2 an hour during the AM!!!)

Oh boy, I feel another poll coming on...

Pick your favorite statement
Joe Lieberman's campaign takes the voters in Connecticut for fools
Joe Lieberman's has the worst campaign team in the history of politics
Joe Lieberman's campaign team will all be out of a job come August 9th
Joe Lieberman's campaign is like a car wreck that you can't avoid looking at.
Somewhere Ned Lamont's campaign is laughing their asses off.
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If your having a hard time deciding which answer is best, don't worry because there is no wrong choice.