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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lamont "Family Friends and Neighbors" program relaunched


Today, the Ned Lamont campaign unveiled their redesigned "Family Friends and Neighbors" program. Here some info on this innovative and unique program.
Using our Family, Friends and Neighbors tool, you can send a postcard with a personalized message from you to your family, friends and neighbors in Connecticut. Later, follow up with phone calls to your get-out-the-vote list reminding your network to vote for Ned on August 8. It's a time investment of about five minutes yielding a Senator who will truly represent the people of Connecticut.

Head on over to the campaign's website and sign up. It's easy to do and I promise there's no pain involved.

UPDATE: Tim Tagaris, Internet Communications Director for Ned Lamont's U.S. Senate Campaign, comments on the program over at My Left Nutmeg.