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Thursday, July 13, 2006

How did Schlesinger obtain a Casino card using a fake name?

Okay, this is getting very interesting.

Can someone tell me how Alan Schlesinger obtained a Foxwoods "Wampum" casino card usig a fake name?

Isn't that illegal?

From the Journal Inquirer
The viability of Schlesinger's candidacy was called into question Wednesday when Bradley Beecher, a retired Connecticut State Police officer whose last assignment was as commander of the Casino and Licensing Unit, forwarded to reporters copies of e-mails he had exchanged with Schlesinger and Rell.

Beecher, in his e-mail to the governor, said he was "able to document a long history of improper relationships between Connecticut Republicans and Connecticut casinos" and described Schlesinger's candidacy as "a train wreck in progress."


Beecher not only forwarded copies of his message to Rell but also of a more ominous-sounding e-mail he had sent to Schlesinger last week.

In that missive, Beecher asked Schlesinger whether he remembered "when John Rowland was governor and you were in the state legislature and used to play at Foxwoods under the name 'Alan Gold."'

"Do you remember what happened to the intelligence file that was maintained on you with the Connecticut State Police?" he wrote. "Could Connecticut's U.S. marshal shed some light. Do not assume that the FBI made every file on you disappear. You know as well as I do that you do not deserve to be a United States senator."

Schlesinger today confirmed that he likes to gamble at casinos and that he had obtained a "wampum" card issued by the Foxwoods casino under a different name.
Now, let's take a look at the rules regarding obtaining a Wampum card at Foxwoods.
Wampum Rewards Rules:

To obtain your Wampum Rewards Card, you must go to the Wampum Rewards desk and present state and/or federally issued photo identification. This identification must include date of birth and your current address.
I think someone has a lot of explaining to do. I hope reporters will question Mr. Gold about this at his press conference.