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Monday, July 24, 2006

Joe Klien says Lieberman is in trouble

You know times are tough for Joe when Joe Klien can't find a positive thing to say about Lieberman's campaign.

Now if you didn't spill your coffee yet, may I advise you to place your cup down before reading on. If you don't think Klien sees the writing on the wall, look what he said in his latest piece on the senate race.
On a brain-foggingly hot Sunday afternoon in July, a wistful Senator Joseph Lieberman tried to summon his inner Samuel Gompers as he accepted the Connecticut AFL-CIO's endorsement in his dead-heat primary campaign against the aristocratic antiwar upstart Ned Lamont. "Sometimes you work hard, and people forget," he said, thanking a straggly crowd of union leaders for remembering the picket lines he'd walked over the years. "My folks were working people. I grew up thinking that people who work deserve a fair deal. It takes government to ensure ..." and so on.

He was, of course, avoiding the subject. A giant papier-mache statue of George W. Bush kissing Lieberman on the cheekā€”the Senator's famed Britney-Madonna moment, which transpired after Bush finished his 2005 State of the Union address-sat on the back of a nearby pickup truck, thoughtfully provided by a group called Connecticut Bloggers. There was no mention from Lieberman of the elephant in the truck, no explanation of his alliance with the President over the war in Iraq. Just an oblique plea that this should not be a one-issue campaign.


Joe Lieberman is, without question, one of the finest men I've known in public life. I could never imagine myself voting against him. But he was profoundly wrong about the most important issue of the past five years-and now, at the very least, he has to acknowledge that there's an elephant sitting in the pickup truck.

Aw, I should fo walked up to Joe Klien and handed him this picture. It would of went great with his article. My bad.