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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Another columnist slams Lieberman, praises Lamont

Andy Thibault is the lasest in a long line of columnists who comes out swinging against Lieberman. Man, can Joe find one columnist to say something good about him?
Who woulda thunk it? As the citizens of Connecticut get to know Ned Lamont, they like him.

Lamont is now considered an acceptable alternative to that other guy - what's his name, The Bush Lip-Locker - for the U.S. Senate.

And why not?

Our modern-day version of Mr. Smith goes to Washington is a capable and genial fellow who holds his ground without stooping to the base level of the other guy. When the other guy tried to denigrate Lamont for being a rich white boy, Lamont responded with a self-deprecating ad in which his family made fun of him. Toward the conclusion of the ad, Lamont steered the discussion back to a real issue, saying: Let's both support the winner of the Aug. 8 Democratic primary.

Lamont's capable performance in the debate with the other guy has resonated with voters. The Quinnipiac poll announced July 20 showed Lamont up 11 points and the other guy down 8 points from just about a month ago. Lamont is now the favorite to win the Democratic primary, 51-47 percent among likely voters. By any standard, he is a winner.

There are many ironies at work in this race. Lamont's hometown of Greenwich takes a bad rap, often justified, as a place of power and privilege gone amok. They don't want regular peons on their beaches, for example. Still, after working in Greenwich for several years, I'm happy to report I encountered a lot of nice, semi-normal people as well. Ned Lamont was one of them. I didn't even know he was a rich guy.

It's funny and pathetic to hear the other guy try to distort the character and qualifications of Lamont. For example, the other guy is an ultimate tool of the rich and powerful when it comes to energy policy, the war and health care. Lamont, in contrast, is a strong advocate for universal health care and unafraid to stand up to the closest thing the United States has ever had to a facist regime.

The other guy would censure one president for getting a blow job and be a good stooge for another president who orders massive illegal spying on citizens, institutionalizes torture and weakens the country by lying about the reason for going to war -- and condemning our young to die or be maimed without justification or purpose.

Expect more intensity and more big lies from the other guy. Desperate career politicians get that way, especially when they are losing.

Whack! Another blow to Lieberman and the hits just keep coming for him and his awful campaign.

Thibault also has a very good blog that is worth bookmarking so please give it a look.