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Saturday, July 22, 2006

New York Times endorses Malloy

Good news for Dan Malloy as the New York Times gives their seal of approval and endorses his candidacy for governor.
"My team and I are honored and proud to be endorsed by the New York Times," Malloy said. "The New York Times sees my candidacy as the one best positioned to challenge Governor Rell in the general election, with an understanding of the issues facing Connecticut and a track record to deliver results."


"This election is about overcoming Connecticut's challenges, such as how to grow jobs, implement universal health care, increase affordable housing, solve our transportation crisis, fix our broken property tax system and fund education," Malloy said. "These are problems that have been around a long time under 12 years of Republican rule. It's going to take a different kind of leader to solve these problems -- not the same old same old. My track record after more than 20 years of public service shows that I bring practical solutions to problem solving. My team and I are looking forward to winning the primary and engaging in a meaningful dialogue about Connecticut's future in the general election."