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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Car plows into Sailfest crowd, injuring 27 people, including Lamont staffers

This could of been MUCH worst.
A stunned Sailfest crowd watched in horror Saturday afternoon as a car plowed into the throng waiting to cross at a downtown railroad intersection.

Twenty-seven people were injured when an 89-year-old man trying to get to the Fishers Island ferry terminal drove his car into the people massed along the tracks.

Robert Laine of Wallingford was driving a Chevrolet Caprice station wagon that slammed into festival-goers about 3:30 p.m. at the State Street Amtrak crossing.

Hundreds of people attending the city's annual Sailfest celebration were stopped on either side of the tracks as a train pulled into the station. Witnesses said as soon as the train left, Laine's car surged forward, knocking down and running over more than two dozen people.


“All we heard was bump, bump, bump,'' said her husband, Brian Camby. “All we could hear was the car hitting bodies.''
Lamont campaign 2nd Congressional District Coordinators Rafe was injured in the crash and suffered two borken legs but there is more to the story.
Can you be more proud of a campaign staffer? One of our Congressional District Coordinators and ex-service member, Rafe (2nd CD), actually pushed someone out of the way of the oncoming car and took the punishment himself. He is laid up in the hospital this evening with what appear to be two broken legs. He'll be alright though, and if I know anything about him (which I do), he'll be crutching along ID'ing voters and door-knocking in no time.

UPDATE 2: Rafe was released from the hospital and is fine. My Left Nutmeg has the details including where you can send a "get well" card.