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Friday, July 07, 2006

Which candidate's website is better

Let's see what the candidates are saying about the debate.

This is Ned's site, and here is Joe's site.

Seems like Ned's site is full of information (notice that thing in bold that says "Click "Read More" for Comprehensive Debate Coverage") while Joe's lack of information clearly shows that he could care less about the debate. I guess Tim was right about Joe's attitude towards the whole debate thing...
Senator Lieberman stormed out of the debate early, barely answering questions from the local media. He was hearing a lot about his anger during the debate and called it a day.
Angry Joe is too upset because he feels that he's entitled to "his" senate seat and is pissed that he has to campaign...poor baby.

No information on the debate, no information on where Joe will be appearing next time in Connecticut...who's out of touch?

Hey, you're doing a heck of a job with Joe's campaign Sean and Marion! Keep up the great work...we all love watching the car wreck called Joementum in progress.