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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lieberman's claims debunked

Joe Lieberman claims that Ned Lamont is a closet Republican from Greenwich...well the Republicans in Greenwich tell a different story.
Lieberman repeatedly tried to paint Lamont with a Republican brush, saying he voted consistently with the Republicans more than 15 years ago as the only Democrat on the three-member Greenwich board of selectmen.

But Greenwich Republicans do not consider Lamont to be one of their own.

Lamont was never known for intense partisanship in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a selectman and then as a finance board member, the Republicans say, where votes were on strictly local issues, rather than hot-button topics such as Iraq, abortion or the death penalty.

"Most of the stuff we dealt with was the mundane stuff - parking signs, roads," said Republican John B. Margenot, who served as first selectman when Lamont was on the board. "There were no Democratic principles involved or Republican principles. I think it's kind of spurious that Lieberman raises the issue. It's a non-issue."

When asked if he viewed Lamont as a Republican, Margenot replied, "No, I wouldn't think that at all. He was more like a liberal Democrat."


Sam Romeo, a longtime Greenwich Republican who served as campaign manager for then-Sen. Emil "Bennie" Benvenuto in the 1990 state Senate contest against Lamont, termed Lieberman's characterization "a little misleading" because the local boards often operate on a bipartisan basis.

"It's about running the town of Greenwich," Romeo said Friday. "Greenwich is in its own world down here in the way we run things. It has nothing to do with politics, really."

Republican Chris Antonik, a former elected member of the town's representative town meeting and a current member of the Republican town committee, said, "Ned was a Democrat. I never even recall him acting like a Republican. He's not a Republican."

Surprise, surprise, another claim by team Joementum fails...at this point, are you surprised?

From the beginning of his "arrogant" campaign, Joe Lieberman has acted like spoiled incumbent who seems insulted that someone dare challenges him for "his" senate seat. Instead of talking about the issues (or running on his record), Lieberman has done all he can to smear Ned Lamont with each attempt eventually backfiring (bear ad, claiming Lamont is a Republican...and then claiming that he's a liberal, one-issue candidate claim, etc).

The latest accusation (Lamont the Republican) will certainly not fool the voters who will show up to the polls in August and will probably piss off the people who are undecided and will give them a reason to check out what Lamont has to offer. As Lamont's "don't know enough about him" numbers fall, Ned's approval numbers rise as Joe Lieberman's numbers take a nose dive.

Keep up the great job Sean and Marion, you're giving you man great advice!

When will Joe Lieberman talk about the issue that placed him in a primary fight for his life in the first place?

A politician who distorts the truth with Karl Rove tactics (a.k.a. lies). Is Joe Lieberman the type of Democrat you want representing you in Washington?