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Friday, July 07, 2006

State Senator Bill Finch update

It's been one week since State Senator Bill FInch made the outrageous claim that ConnecticutBLOG and my readers "sandbagged" him and his staff. After I carefully showed that the charge from Senator Finch was wrong, I requested (via my post), a retraction from Senator Finch and/or his staff but as of today, there has been no further posting on Finch's site nor have I heard anything from his office.

Well, maybe we did hear something...

Oh, you sneaky readers, you almost had me there. For a second, I thought this was from Senator Finch himself, with the handwriting being so close and everything...

Senator, I'm not out to bash or sandbag anyone...what I am asking (as a registered Democrat) is just an answer to this very simple question:

Will you support the Democratic nominee for Senate?

Although the claim that you made about me on your site has been debunked by myself and several other local and bloggers/readers, you still refuse to issue a retraction nor have you answered my rather simple question.

This is quite disappointing.

The people of Connecticut who read this blog deserve to hear from you on this matter. Do you support the will of the people in Connecticut who will be voting this August and agree to back whoever wins the primary? Will you retract your unfair characterization you made about this blog and the reader who initially contacted your office seeking an answer to my simple question.

Please leave a comment at Senator Finch's blog and ask him why he hasn't responded to my requests for a retraction and an answer to my simple question.

I just don't understand why something so simple has to be so hard.