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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lamont campaign manager pulls off the gloves (and his tie)

Ring the bell...this is ugly, real ugly.

If you need any convincing that Joe's campaign is in free-fall mode, this should do it.

Nice how Sean Smith always finds a way to change the subject and who can blame him. If I was Joe's campaign manager, I wouldn't want to talk about Lieberman's outright betrayal to the party either.

Watching Smith's pathetic attempt to smear Ned is laughable and I'm sure the voters in the state (who are still waiting for Joe to talk about things that are relevent) is getting turned off with Joe's entire campaign. TParty tell s it better than anyone in this quote:
Once again, Lieberman's charges are pure projection. He bolts the party, and accuses Ned of being a Republican. He is the leading recipient of defense-related campaign contributions, and accuses Ned of "profiting from the war." He has spent $5 million and will outspend his opponent by millions, and accuses Ned of trying to buy the campaign. And he is ethically challenged by his campaign contributions and personal finances, and goes after Ned for supposedly the same. Same old, same old.

You know, the hell with it, I'll play Smith's stupid game (for a quick sec). If we're going to get into money, here's two small questions for Smith:

1. How is Joe going to fund his new party (with money he raised as a Democrat)?

2. How does Lieberman's wife makes her money (that's right, I went there). I'm sure the public would LOVE to take a close look at Joe (and his wife's) finances...and while we're at it, let's compare Joe's votes on bills that involved big pharma and compare that to his wife's occupation and see if there is a pattern.

Okay, enough of that (for now).

I mean really, this election is about LIEberman and to this date, you have not talked about the issues that voters care about. Everyone can see that your avoiding the real issues and just making shit up about Ned as you go along (at least your using your talking points from your push-polling). I think Lieberman would do better if you do the right thing and start talking about the REAL issues for a change or else he could kiss his senate seat goodbye.