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Friday, July 14, 2006

Another true Liebercrat and Democrat steps up

Showing his true colors (and loyality to the Democratic Party), an aide to the State Democratic majority leader is assisting Joe "cut and run" Lieberman with his independent party.

Yes, you heard me right...AN AIDE TO THE STATE DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY LEADER is assisting someone who is going to ignore the results of the Democratic primary if it doesn't go in his favor.

Am I living in Connecticut or in some Bizzaro world?
A top aide to the State Senate's Democratic majority leader, Martin Looney of New Haven, is helping U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman form a third-party to possibly defeat a Democrat in November.

The aide is Vincent Mauro, Jr., of New Haven. Mauro's late father was for years the head of New Haven's Democratic Party and a close ally of Joe Lieberman. The elder Mauro was a chief architect of Lieberman's successful 1982 campaign for Connecticut attorney general, a campaign that resuscitated Lieberman's career after a humbling loss in a U.S. Congresional race.


Mauro, a former alderman for New Haven's Wooster Square neighborhood, was asked if he felt supporting a third-party Lieberman candidacy against a candidate nominated by the Democratic Party presents a conflict with his role in the Democrats' State Senate office.

"No. I'm a Democrat," Mauro said. "I've always been a Democrat. How do I feel about it? I have mixed feelings. I've known the guy my whole life. In this business, you have loyalty to your party because it's what you stand for. And you have loyalty to your friends. My father and Joe were best of friends. This is a family thing for me. I've known the guy my whole life.

"Was it a little weird? Yeah, but in the end this was friendship."
Yeah, just like Joe Lieberman's friendship with the Bush administration and neo-conservatives trumps his relationship he has with the Democratic Party.

Too bad Maruo didn't learn a thing or two about true loyality from his boss...
Mauro's boss, State Sen. Looney, said he has nothing to do with the new Connecticut for Lieberman Party.

"I am supporting Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary. I will be supporting the winner of that Democratic primary," Looney said. "[Lieberman] has a good record over the years, although I disagree with him over the war and other issues. I would not support an independent candidacy."
Now, that's a true Democrat...he could teach his aide a thing or two.