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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Two more kids die too soon.

I guess that "just stay the course" bullshit is really working out.
The U.S. military recovered the booby-trapped bodies of two missing soldiers Tuesday, and Iraqi officials said the Americans were tortured and killed in a "barbaric" way.
Will someone please tell me why did these kids had to die?

What are they fighting for in Iraq?

What's the mission...what's the objective?

When is enough, enough? How many more kids have to die based on a lie?

We went into this war based on lies and misinformation from neo-cons such as Dick Cheney, Richard Pearle, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, and Paul Wolfowitz. Those lies were supported by the ultimate shameless Democrat Joe Lieberman which is why he needs to be booted in the primary. DinoBoy and the rest of the neo-cons continue to lie to this very day about everything regarding the war and they all should be held accountable for they have blood on their hands.

Every time I hear of about another kid getting blown up over in Iraq, it makes my blood boil because we were lied to by this administration and everyone knows it. The neo-cons and idiots like Joe Lieberman are too weak to simply say "we made a mistake" and work to get the U.S. the hell out of Iraq because they had a master plan about the middle east years before 9-11 (I recommend that everyone do a little research on the Project for the New American Century and learn something).

For these wackos, the death of these two poor young kids means little when it comes to their master plan and people like Joe Lieberman gives these neo-cons cover because he agrees with their position. Think I'm wrong, again, I encourage everyone to look into the Project for the New American Century and understand the mindset of the neo-cons who took us to war.

Always remember, to the Bush administration, they're just numbers.