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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Okay, now I'm confused

Is Ned Lamont too much of a Republican or a partisan Democrat.

You can't have it both ways Joe.
"I've been really fed up by the rigid partisanship in Washington, not just about the war," Lieberman told reporters later. Of Lamont, he said, "Part of his attacks on me are that I haven't been partisan enough, haven't been a polarizer enough."
Huh? Sunday, Ned Lamont is a multi-millionare who sides with the Republicans over 80 percent of the time and today he's a partisan Democrat?

Are you confused as me? Ned sure seems to be.
Lamont said Lieberman's comments were surprising, considering that Lieberman previously has attacked him as being too cozy with Republicans while Lamont was a local official in Greenwich.

"He's got to be making up his mind. Half the time he accuses me of being too bipartisan when I'm on the board of selectmen in Greenwich. And the other half, it's this accusation," Lamont said.

I said it before and I'll say it again, Joe Lieberman's campaign is the gift that keeps on giving. Trust me folks, Joe Lieberman is scared shitless and he's trying to use anything that will stick to Lamont but it's not working (which means Joe is screwed).

I can't wait for that "hot day in August" when the voters of Connecticut shut Joememtum down for good.