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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

CTKeith gets Rep. DeLauro to answer the question

CTKeith is by far the hardest working man in the business and he received this statement from Rep. Rosa DeLauro's office regarding whether or not she'll support the Democratic nominee for Senate.
I will not make any statement wich might be seen as me being anything but 100% behind Joe Lieberman.I believe Joe will win the primary and will deal publicly with the resuls of the primary AFTER they are in.

It doesn't quite seem like she answered the question. This is not about Joe Lieberman or Ned Lamont...it's about whether or not she (and the other Democratic officials in Connecticut) will support the Democratic nominee for Senate.

I think we deserve an answer to this simple question. Can you help me by giving her a call.

Again, here's the simple question:

"Will you support the Democratic nominee for Senate"

Rep. Rosa DeLauro's office:

New Haven (203) 562-3718
Washington DC (202) 225-3661

UPDATE: Keith gives the full rundown on his call with DeLauro and gives this assessment:
Believe it or not I'm willing to accept that for now and MOVEON.Heres why;

In the end Rosa's Loyalty will help our cause.

I've known Rosa for a very long time and when Lamont is chosen by Dems in a primary over Joe Lieberman Rosas Loyalty will again be called on and the only loyalty I know where Rosa's is stronger than personal loyalty is party loyalty.

It will be Rosa and a handful of others who will have to convince Lieberman that he must accept the will of the Dem Primary voters and Gracefully exit the stage.

After our conversation and a followup call with staff I am 100% sure that after Aug 8 Rosa will support the Democratic nominee for both Governor and Senator. I'm Disappointed that she wouldn't simply go on the record and answer that question with a simple YES yet more sure than ever that Rosa will indeed Support whomever wins the Primary 110%.
I'm disappointed also. It's a easy question to answer and it has nothing to do with Leiberman or Lamont; it has to do with party loyality. I guess until Rep. DeLauro answers the question, she's placed in the "on the fence" category.