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Friday, June 02, 2006

Rell and Perez bring shame to our state

This is just ridiculous.

Mayor Perez’s over-the-top antics is making my blood boil and I don’t know how much more I can take.

While I'm still writing my piece on the history of violence in Hartford, I just had to comment on the latest actions of Mayor Perez and Gov. Rell which in my opinion, is simply disgraceful.

These two political heavyweights have been acting like two spoiled brats in front of the cameras for the last few days with their "made for the media" fight over the violence in Hartford. Neither of these politicians gave a damn about what's happening in the Capital City (when's the last time you heard of either of these politicians visiting the North-End section of Hartford) or else they would of worked together to find a solution to the problem a very long time ago as drug-related violence in the North-End section of Hartford is nothing new.

Are these two politicians the best Connecticut have to offer in terms of leadership? If the answer is "yes" then we're all screwed.
Saying he wanted to end the public sniping and to focus on solving violence in the city, Mayor Eddie A. Perez picked up his cellphone at 8:12 a.m. Thursday and dialed the office of Gov. M. Jodi Rell.

Two hours later, Perez walked through the front doors of city hall and into the day's humid air. An aide asked if he wanted to take off his jacket. Casually slinging the coat over his shoulder, with television cameras and reporters in tow, Perez started to walk to Rell's office at the Capitol.

"I'm going over to visit my neighbor at the Capitol," he said. "Hopefully she can see me sometime today."

But there was a problem: Perez's morning call had not been returned. The governor was not in, and Perez had no appointment.

An aide to Perez said the governor's published schedule indicated she was not busy Thursday morning. When no one from Rell's office returned the mayor's call, Perez went to see if she was available.
Yeah, right. He just happened to have the entire media behind him on his walk to and from Rell's office (notice the smile of Eddie's face). COME ON, give me a break...does this DLC Democrat have any shame?
"I'm the one that gets the phone call when a kid gets shot," Perez said as he walked to the Capitol. "I'm the one who has to go to the hospital and mourn with the victims' families. I'm the one who has to go to the funerals and to the local schools to bring grief counselors to those children. I'm the one who has to deal with this 24/7."


Perez's walk followed Wednesday's high-profile clash of public letters and press statements between the mayor and Rell, with each accusing the other of not cooperating in the fight to stop gun violence on the city's streets, where 16 people were shot in a five-day span that ended Sunday. One, a 15-year-old boy, died.
Here's the deal, politicians are using the deaths of people in Hartford for their own political gain and it's disgusting. As a person who was raised in the Bloomfield/North-End section of Hartford, it breaks my heart to read how some kid was shot and/or killed and it burns me up when these fake politicians jump in front of a camera and work their political spin.

As I promised, I'll dig deeper into this issue later but for now, neither of these shameless politicians have my respect (and don't think African-Americans in Hartford are fooled by this political freak show).