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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

John Aravosis is the man!

I love AMERICAblog!
I really think there's a danger of Lieberman bolting the Democratic party AFTER he's elected. It's just my gut, but I think Bush has already spoken to him about taking Rumsfeld's job at Defense. And Lieberman told him to wait until after the primary, or the election. Lieberman loses the primary or the general election, he takes the job. But what's even more troublesome is what happens if Lieberman wins the election, then takes the job anyway?

There has to be a reason Lieberman has been sucking up so badly to Bush over the war. To say, today, that the war is going well and still was a good idea, you'd have to be either insane or angling for something. And I don't think Lieberman is insane.

He should be forced to state categorically that he will never bolt the Democratic party and he will never accept a job offer from George Bush, or people shouldn't even give his candidacy the time of day.
Bingo! Lieberman should be forced to state whether or not he'll bolt from the party, it's that simple. Why should people vote for a person who but's himself above the will of the party? I would go one step further and demand that those Democrats who support Lieberman, promise to support the winner of the primary and/or support Lamont is Lieberman runs as an indy. Those Democrats who would support Joe even if he loses the primary should be kicked out of office pronto (and believe me, we're keeping a list).

Check out the latest article in the New York Times on Lamont and his crusade to rid Connecticut of President Bush's favorite Democrat. John gives the story a thumbs-up and I couldn't agree more.