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Friday, April 28, 2006

Joe had another bad day in Connecticut

I heard that Joe Lieberman's photo-op didn't go as smoothly as he expected. If only I could of been there with my camera.

I've just finished talking to one of the persons who confronted Joe as he did his photo-op at a local gas station in New Haven today. I guess he couldn't answer why he was the only Democratic senator in New England who voted in favor for the infamous Energy bill that included over 14 billion in tax breaks to oil companies.

I'll give you the full run-down on what happened to Bush's favorite Democrat later but make sure you watch the local news tonight as they caught the whole thing (oh man, this is good).

I tell you, Joe just can't seem to catch a break whenever he appears in the area.

UPDATE: Here's a very brief first-hand account of what happened at Lieberman's photo-op in New Haven earlier today. I think it's fair to say that this person is a fan of Joe.
I followed Keith there, and I think someone might have even called Joe a phony and a hypocrite.

More seriously, we pointed out to the press, Joe's unexplained vote for Bush's Energy Bill, and the fact that Dodd, Kerry, Kennedy, Reed, Chafee-R, Clinton, Schumer, Biden, Carper, Leahy, Jeffords, and yes, New Hampshire's Gregg-R, and Sununu-R, --had all voted against.

I don't know what Joe's message was, but obviously he is trying to get out front of one of our most damaging issues against him. After he gave his spiel, he went and pumped someone's gas for them, keeping in tune with his fake "man of the people" diner stops.

Hey Joe, how about a public forum sometime. We all want to know why you voted for the Bush Energy Bill...
More to come. Like I said before, Joe had a really bad day.

UPDATE: I incorrectly stated that Joe Liberman was the only senator from New England to vote for the energy bill when I meant to say he was the only Democratic senator. Correction was made to this post.