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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Help welcome a new kid on the block

ConnecticutBLOG readers, meet the new blogger on the scene, Connecticut Bob! He's an amazing videographer and we're going to be doing some really cool things together (FINALLY, someone to help me out with all this video stuff).

We worked together this past Tuesday videotaping Ned Lamont and John DeStefano as they met with the Monroe DTC. We were even able to get do an interview with DeStefano as he had a few things to say about Governor Rell's State Supreme nominee Justice Peter T. Zarella as well as explain why he feels the candidate who can take Governor Rell down this November.

Working with Bob will really make this site an enjoyable experience as we'll be able to provide you readers more video footage from across the state. Stay tuned, things are going to get very interesting really soon (and I don't think Joe Lieberman will be too happy).

I'll post the video later but for now, please show some love and check his site out. He has footage of Ned Lamont's petition drive in Norwalk last night (as well as some other cool stuff).