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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Following Ned Lamont: Part 1

Seeing that I finally finish archiving all my video files on my harddrive, I'm now able to post the video footage I shot over the last week (sorry for the delay).

Last week, I decided to follow Ned Lamont around as he traveled across Connecticut’s fifth district. Since Lamont was meeting with people in my area, I thought it would be informative to see him interact with people in my district as well as hear what people had to say about the guy who's challenging President Bush's favorite Democrat.

I was quite surprised with the feedback I received, as it seems like the Lamont campaign has energized Democrats in a part of Connecticut that has traditionally been a Republican-dominated territory. Between his visits to Newtown, Ridgefield, and Southbury, Lamont seems to have captured the attention of many voters who are itching to give Joe Lieberman and Congresswoman Nancy Johnson the boot this November.

First stop: Newtown CT at the historic Newtown Meeting House.

It was Ned's first visit to the Newtown area as people from Danbury, Bethel, Monroe, and Brookfield came to hear what he had to say. The crowd of about 40 listened to Ned's speech and peppered him with an endless series of questions ranging from health care and social security to education and energy conservation.

I was interesting to see how comfortably Ned interacted with the audience as well as how interested people were in what he had to say. I could easily tell that Lamont has come a long way from his first public appearence in Hartford and New Haven just a couple of months ago. He seems to be able to get his message across more effectively as he carefully explained why he's challenging Joe Lieberman as well as debunked the myth that he's a "one issue" candidate.

Since there is so much video footage, I had to cut out a great deal of material but in the end, I think you'll like what you see.

Here are some highlights from last Tuesday's event. I'll post my second report on Lamont meeting with senior at Heritage Village in Southbury later today.

Highlights of Ned's stump speech (sorry for the jerky camera).

Question regarding federal deficit, taxes, health care, and the Bush energy bill.

Question: Why Ned is in the senate race, his views on the CIA wiretap scandal, and censoring President Bush.