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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ask Sean where's Joe

Image from Lamontblog

Call Sean Hannity and ask him why his favorite Democrat Joe Lieberman won't come on his show like he promised.

The Sean Hannity Show
3 - 6 EST
1 800 941 7326

Mike Stark calls Lieberman a whimp for breaking his promise to appear on Hannity's show.

We want Joe Lieberman to be a man. We want him to show some spine, some strength. He made a promise to go on Hannity’s show once a month. He can break that promise if he wants to, but don’t expect us to forget about it. If Joe wants to break the promise, he should know that there will be consequences - there always are. But the consequences in this case are pretty mild: just tell us why you’ve turned your back on your BFF.

Doesn’t it say something about a man’s character when he so nonchalantly blows his friends off? Where are the principles?

Stand up for what you believe Joe!! As hard as it was for you to stand up on the floor and criticise Clinton’s peccadillo… well, this should be easy in comparison. I mean, jeez… You are a man that travelled to Iraq and came back again… Now I know that things are rosy over there - because you told us how swell things were and what a bang-up job this President is doing - but still… You are a man of moral courage… So just come out and tell us why you broke your pledge…

We’re waiting.

And we won’t go away. (sorry Hannity)
Pick up the phone and dial.