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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lamont does Southbury: part two

Fresh from his visit to California, the Ned Lamont express made a stop for a second time in Southbury last Saturday. Lamont spoke in front of a packed crowd of aprox. 100 people at Heritage Village and answered numerous thought-provoking questions ranging from global warming to the health care crisis.

Recently, the Southbury DTC voted to endorse Lamont over Joe Lieberman thus handing their 8 delegates the person who's challenging Bush's favorite Democrat. Although I have video footage from Lamont's appearance last Saturday afternoon, I thought while the video file is still processing, we would take a look back at Ned's first appearance in Southbury. Although he was still fine tuning his message (this video was shot back in late February), Lamont impressed the delegates with his criticism of Lieberman with his now famous "Where's Joe" speech (heck, even George Burns smiled).

A full report of Lamont's appearance in Southbury (as well as his Newtown appearance) will be posted shortly. Until then, enjoy this video clip (if the video gets choppy, hit the pause button, and allow the computer a minute to download a portion of the clip).