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Thursday, February 02, 2006

First Manchester, now Windsor's DTC gives a thumbs down to Lieberman

(Big hat tip to Brandford Boy over at My Left Nutmeg for the scoop).
That the Windsor, Connecticut Democratic Town Committee votes no confidence in Senator Joseph Lieberman's positions for embracing President Bush's position on the Iraq war, including denial that we wrongfully entered the war; denial that the war is being conducted unsuccessfully and the absence of any reasonably detailed standards for withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

The resolution passed with 34 aye votes, two nays, and one abstention.
Not a good day for Joe.

UPDATE:The Hartford Courant reported on Windsor's vote in today's issue:
Windsor Democrats on Thursday followed their colleagues in Manchester by publicly chastising U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman for his support of President Bush and the Iraq war.

The Windsor Democratic Town Committee, in a 34-2 decision, approved a resolution calling for a vote of no confidence in Lieberman, D-Conn., for embracing Bush's position on the war, including denying that the United States wrongly entered the war and that it was not accomplishing the objectives set out by the president.


Windsor town committee member Len Swade referred to Lieberman as Bush's "kissing cousin" as he outlined his reasons for introducing the resolution.

"My goal is to seek a pattern - a groundswell - of Democratic town committee motions in Connecticut that will really get the senator's attention," Swade said Thursday.

Town committee member Leo Canty spoke in favor of the resolution and added that it was not meant to be a swipe at the military in Iraq.

"I'm proud of what the soldiers have done, but I'm not proud of what we have done," he said.

Before the meeting, Windsor Democratic town Chairman Tim Fitzgerald called the proposed resolution a "practical way to get [Lieberman's] attention."

"But I'm not delusional that this is going to change his fundamental way of thinking," Fitzgerald said.
It remains to be seen if quote of no confidence will get Lieberman's attention. I wonder how many more town committees in the state will follow Manchester and Windsor's lead.

While reading the article, I almost spilled food on myself again after reading the following quote from Lieberman's office.
Fitzgerald also spoke to the group before it voted about whether to table the resolution and give Lieberman a chance to defend his position. Lieberman's staff also sent the committee information about his accomplishments, from his support for women's rights to fighting to save the Arctic preserve.
Women's rights? One word: Alito.