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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

See Lieberman jump for joy

Okay, I had a chance to go back and take a look at the Lieberman footage from last night and I have to revise my earlier statement.

It seems like a very small handful of moderate Democrats stood up along with Lieberman when Bush made his "we're winning the Iraq war" comment and I now understand how I missed it.

You see, what I saw before I spilled all of my food on myself was Joe Lieberman (acting like some rock star groupie) jumping out of his seat in applause to Bush's rhetoric. If you look at the image, you'll see that Joe jumped up faster than ANY OTHER PERSON IN THE AUDIENCE including all of the Republicans.

Other Democrats (who took their time reacting to the President's comment) such as Harold Ford stood up next to Lieberman later (Ford is running for Senate in Tennessee and is behind in polls to a Republican so he can't afford to look too liberal).

The clip is still great because to it illustrates just how out of touch Lieberman is and why he's more popular among Republicans than Democrats in this state.

I'll get the video clip up later.

UPDATE (8:24): You want it, you got it. Watch as Bush spins his Iraq message and Lieberman jumps out of his seat faster than anyone else in the place including all of the Republicans.

Priceless. Thanks for the memories Joe!

UPDATE 2: If you reached this site from Daily Kos, Crooks and Liars, or Atrios, then welcome to CONNECTICUTBlog and I hope you come back often. If you watched the clip and want an alternative to Joe, take a moment and check out my video clips of Ned Lamont and see what he has to say about Lieberman (make sure you check out the clip of Democratic Town Committee member Michael Fuchs of Fairfield as he describes to the audience an encounter he had with Lieberman which, lets just say, left an impression on him).

If you like what you see from Lamont, then go to his site and sign up.