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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Kos giving Ned Lamont a helping hand

According to Daily Kos, Ned Lamont is 1/3 of the way of reaching his goal of 1,000 signups from Connecticut with a total of 1,300 signups nationwide. Not bad for someone who just started his website a couple of days ago.

From Daily Kos

As for Ned Lamont, as of yesterday evening he had generated 1,300 signups nationwide to his site, including over 320 from Connecticut.

He needs 1,000 from Connecticut, so we're 1/3 of the way there. If you want to start cleaning house in the DC of people who would pretend to vote against Alito while voting for cloture, we need to start somewhere, and what better place than Connecticut? Let's focus our intra-party energies on this one race.

If you are from Connecticut, great. If you're not, reach out to anyone you know in Connecticut. Start spreading the word about Lamont. Which reminds, me, where is MoveOn and DFA on this? Time for them to get on the ball as well.

Sign up here.

You know what you need to do so go and sign up!