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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Did anyone see Lieberman jump for joy during Bush's SOTU

Oh man! This is rich!

I think the only channel that caught the image of Lieberman was C-Span so if you weren't watching that channel (and you're an idiot if you weren't...how dare anyone watch cable news), then you missed out on yet another classic Lieberman moment.

Watching Joe Lieberman during the State of the Union is like the gift that keeps on giving.

There was good ol' "say it ain't so" Joe Lieberman jumping (no LEAPING) for joy after Bush gives his "stay the course in Iraq" speech while EVERY Democrat around him was sitting down motionless. If there is a perfect image of how out-of-touch Lieberman is with the Democratic party, THIS WAS IT! I laugh so hard that I spilled the chinese food I was eating all over myself. The guys at C-Span must of knew that this wasn't the best image of Lieberman because they tried to go to another camera but it was too late, the damage was done.

It's better than the Bush kiss and I have it all on my Tivo (happy, happy, joy, joy)! I'll transfer the video to my computer and post the file later, it's just too late now and I'm exhausted after hearing Bush's new (or should I say recycled) line of B.S.

Believe me, if you missed the Lieberman moment, you missed out on yet another priceless "dump Joe" moment! In fact, I think I have the perfect footage for a dump-Joe internet commercial.

As Drudge would say...developing.