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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Manchester rebukes Lieberman

Manchester Democrats promised that they would rebuke Joe Lieberman and that's exactly what they did.

Here's a copy of the resolution. Hat tip to My Left Nutmeg.

Resolution of the Manchester Democratic Town Committee

WHEREAS, Senator Joseph Lieberman has taken a position in support of President Bush and the Bush Administration's orchestration of the Iraq war; and

WHEREAS, we as Democrats take issue with the assertion of Senator Lieberman that there is progress in Iraq based on the appearance of satellite TV dishes or cell phones; and

WHEREAS, we do not believe that Senator Lieberman fully appreciates the human cost of war on our troops as well as the Iraqi people; and

WHEREAS, we believe that the actions of the Bush Administration have served to galvanize the Arab world against the United States; and

WHEREAS, it is the goal of the Manchester Democratic Town Committee to ask Senator Joseph Lieberman to join his Democratic constituents and colleagues in opposition to President Bush's war in Iraq;

THEREFORE, be it resolved that we, the Manchester Democratic Town Committee, do not believe that Senator Joseph Lieberman is acting in the best interest of the American public or the Democratic Party by supporting President Bush in the handling of the Iraqi conflict;

BE IT further resolved that we respectfully ask Senator Lieberman to reconsider his unconditional support of President Bush, but rather that he use his many skills to form a position in the Senate that will permit the Iraqis to manage their own affairs and to bring our troops home by the end of 2006 or sooner if possible.
Will Joe take notice, not unless more town committees follow Manchester's lead but it's a start.