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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Silly hate-group planning protest against migrant workers

Seems like the wackos from The Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control are up to their old tricks of doing stupid shit in order to get press coverage. Here's their latest publicity stunt and be sure that they'll be front and center harrassing the migrant workers on Kennedy Avenue in Danbury.

Hat tip to My Left Nutmeg
A headsup to my denizens in the state. A copy of an e-mail forwarded to me by an acquaintance:

National Protest Day
Saturday, January 7th, 7:30-9:30AM
Illegal Worker Pick-up Site Across America

State and local immigration reform groups across the nation are
holding a national day of protest on Saturday, January 7, from
7:30-9:30AM in their respective areas at illegal worker pick-up

Sign up today to join this national demonstration through the
Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Reform web site. Groups are
invited to participate, as are individuals.


This is a great opportunity to stand up against the illegal alien
invasion and make your voice heard!

Go to the website and view the outrageousness of it.

My suggestion?

Join the Protest. That's right. Have them think you are covering an area, then don't. Carry the weapon.

There is one protest set up in Conn. (click on the, "Contact Sheet for Participating States and Locations" There are two set up for Stamford. (Go to the bottom for list of sites.)

Now, my suggestion. Print out their flyer. Have a group go to a site that you have, "futuritively set up as a ruse." Have a demonstration. Print out scads of the flyers, and burn them.

Then, counterprotest at the, "El Centro" site. Los illegales will be counting on your support. Failure to act will appear as hypocrasy, and will be blasted throughout the blogosphere.
My suggestion, don't waste your time with these assholes by only counterportesting. The Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control (CTCIC) are nothing more than a hate group and a joke. As I sated before, these morons are only interested in publicity and making a scene and the counter-protestors outnumber the members of the group (all 20 of them) at all of their meetings.

My advise, bring a video and digital camera and just like they do the immigrants, take a picture of all of these idiots and monitor their every move. Get each of their names, take pictures of their cars and bring the protest back to where they live. You see, most of these clowns are too afraid to be known of memebrs and they keep all of their meetings private just like a sex offender, every person in the neighborhood should know that they live next to a racist hate-monger.

Yeah, a big ol' counter protest in front of every CTCIC memebr's house. That would be rich!