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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The history of a Connecticut racist hate group

Dan Zarrella from NobodyIsIllegal.org did a great piece about the hate group which calls themselves the Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control and it's worth a read.

Seeing that these scumbags will be harrassing migrant workers throughout the state including on Kennedy Avenue in Danbury on January 7th, you should read into the background of this racist hate-group.

Don't let their words fool you; they ARE a bunch of white bigoted hate mongers without the white sheets. They bring shame to our state and to the fine people of Connecticut as their hatred towards anyone who is not white is not only outrageous, but also disgusting and puts Connecticut in a bad light.

More information on the CTCIC can be found here and here. I've let my feelings about these assholes known so know it's your turn. Come out on January 7th and give the CTCIC a piece of your mind!