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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Andrew Foster Altschul wants Dems to be nice to Lieberman

Seems like Andrew Foster Altschul, contirbutor to The Huffington Post wants Democrats stay on message in 2006 and leave DINOs like Joe Lieberman alone.
Don't beat up on Joe Lieberman. What's to be gained? Sure, he's an unctuous, opportunistic schmuck - just ask Bill Clinton - but we are not the party that punishes free-thinking, nor insists on conformity at the price of integrity. Lieberman's entitled to his opinion, self-serving though it might be. Leave him alone and start talking more forcefully about what the Democratic Party wants to do in - or out of - Iraq.
After fully reading Altschul's post, I understand where he is coming from. The Democrats have a lot of work ahead of them if they want to Control Congress in 2006 and win back the presidency in 2008. In terms of looking at the Democrats on a national level, I somewhat agree that it might not be in the best interest of the party to rip Lieberman to pieces.

But this is an election year and Lieberman is up for re-election in Connecticut. We don't need the national Democrats to attack Joe because the state Democrats will have no problem tearing into this guy.

You see, unlike Altchul, I LIVE in Connecticut and Lieberman is not only a unctuous, opportunistic schmuck, but the Democratic senator from my state who's relationship with the President is pathetic and an embarrassment.

His constant critique of fellow Democrats on topics ranging from torture to the war in Iraq (including his famous op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal) is not only shameless, but disgusting. Lieberman is not a free-thinker, he's a self-serving politician who has no problem throwing a fellow Democrat under the truck if it means he gains political points in the process (ask President Clinton). He's the only Democrat I know who has no problem sitting next to Rush Limbaugh and William Buckley at the National Review ceremony (in fact, he was probably the only Democrat there).

Lieberman should be held accountable for his shameless statements and since I'm from Connecticut and a Democrat, I feel it's my right to hold him accountable. What Altschul fails to understand (because he looking at things from a national point of view) is that Democratic voters in Connecticut are extremely upset with Lieberman right now and nothing would make them happier than giving Joe the boot. Someone like a Lowell Weicker could really rally the anti-war base and give Lieberman a run for his money and put him on the defensive (could you imagine the debate these two would have).

To put it simply, screw Joe and don't feel sorry for him or give him a free pass this election year. He has always thought of no one but himself and his own image whenever he opens his mouth and has been a pain in the side of Democrats in Connecticut. This is an election year and the only time the voters of Connecticut hold Lieberman accountable for his actions. No Democrat should come to his defense or campaign for him if he is chalenged by Weicker or another Democrat (can someone give Blumenthal a call).

Again, don't get me wrong, I love Altchul's post but in terms of Lieberman, I say attack the Zell Miller of Connecticut and force him to defend his record. He has no problem attacking fellow Democrats so liberals should have no problem giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Lieberman has made his bed, let him sleep in it.