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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mitt Romney's fake photo-op EXPOSED

First, Mark Nielsen Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton's man for president claims that he saw his father walk with Martin Luther King, then his laundry list of flip-flops are exposed, and now this!?!
A well-publicized weekend photo-op for Mitt Romney turns out to have been missing a piece of information that might have undermined its credibility: the unemployed single mom at the center of the event was the mother of a Romney staffer.

Local and national media outlets, including Politico.com, reported that Romney was the picture of empathy as he sat at the Marshall, Mich. kitchen table of 51-year-old Elizabeth Sachs, a single mother of two who lost her job as a retail manager – as well as her health insurance – and is running out of money as she tries to sell her house to move to Florida.

What wasn’t reported – and what the Romney campaign did not reveal at the time – was that one of Sachs’ sons, Steve Sachs, is a paid employee of Romney’s campaign, organizing five counties in Michigan.


Romney has campaigned in Michigan on a pledge to help revive the state’s struggling economy. In introducing Sachs, Romney discussed the economic difficulties in the community and described the particular plight of his hostess — but made no mention of her ties to his campaign.

"It means a real tough setting for a mom with two sons," Romney said. "One son is still in high school. Another son [is] getting ready to go off into the police academy in the west."

Ironically, when it came time to take questions from the reporters gathered around Sachs' kitchen table, Romney joked: "If you don’t want to answer any questions, that’s fine, too. What I’ve learned is, if they ask a question, you can answer something else."

"Oh, ok," Sachs responded, laughing along with Romney.

"Just talk about the general subject," Romney suggested.

Talking to a small handful of reporters after Romney and most of his press pack had left the kitchen, Sachs offered details about her age, job situation, and her effort to sell her home.

When asked about her children, she only said that one was "20, soon to be 21" and that another was a teenager.
You know, this man is like a gift that keeps on giving.

My pals at Crooks and Liars put it best when they said this:
After all of the fuss the media and the rightwingnutosphere made over Sen Clinton’s campaign coaching a questioner in Iowa, I wonder how much attention this will get? I don’t know about you but if you ask me this seems all-too reminiscent of Bush’s fake photo-ops, fake WMD evidence, fake Iraq news stories, phony pressers, and fake town hall meetings so he could “catapult the propaganda.” Does America really want to go down that road again?