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Monday, December 17, 2007

Demand DiNardo to take action against Lieberman

Given Lieberman's latest stab in the back, isn't it time that we ask CT Democratic State Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo why she STILL considers Joe Lieberman a Democrat?

Joementum on backing a Democratic presidential candidate.

July 6 2006 (hat tip to Scarce):

Connecticut Democrats endorsement of Chris Dodd for President, Feb 1 2007:
It is a pleasure to once again be with all of you as we come together to share our ideas and goals for the Democraitc Party.


The Connecticut delegation enthusiastically supports Senator Christopher Dodd as the next President of the United States.


Senator Dodd is a tremendous public servant who has worked vigorously for the needs of Connecticut's families and is a tireless champion for education and other issues that directly effect our children. He has been a strong advocate for labor unions and for fiscal accountability for corporations. Moreover, Senator Dodd has distinguished himself as an expert on healthcare, foreign policy and other pressing issues. We in Connecticut already know how knowledgeable, motivated and genuinely caring he is, now the rest of the country wil get to see these qualities as well.

Joementum on Chris Dodd:

Joementum today:

During the primary against Lamont, Lieberman promise to help rebuild the Democratic majority in Congress...now we know better and it's now time to flood Nancy DiNardo's office and let her know that Lieberman's action is completely unacceptable.

CaptCT outlines
what action DiNardo can take against Lieberman and these points should be made when you contact the Chairwoman:
I would hope that she would
- remove Lieberman's name from the list of "Democratic Members of Congress"
- NOT invite him to the JJB dinner,
- stop calling him "just like Chris Dodd" and a "friend" of Democrats
- start publicly recruiting Democrats to run for his seat in 2012

The CT Democratic Party should be actively, and vocally -- OUT LOUD -- recruiting candidates to run against Lieberman when his term expires. This should be a constant dialog coming out of State Central.

In August 2006, CT Democrats decided they no longer want Lieberman to represent the party. DiNardo needs to honor the wishes of the majority of CT's Democrats.

Lieberman is NOT a Democrat and should no longer be treated as such by State Central.

Nancy DiNardo: Chairwoman, Connecticut Democrats
Phone: (860) 560-1775
Email: NDiNardo@ctdems.org,