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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Danbury Democratic Mayoral candidate Helena Abrantes releases new radio ad: "Danbury Can Do Better"

On Friday, Democratic Mayoral candidate Helena Abrantes launched a new radio ad entitled "Danbury can do better" that receiving a great deal of positive feedback from those I talked to at the Taste of Danbury who heard the ad on WLAD.

Outlining her political and business resume, Abrantes presented her vision for Danbury, which centers around "returning vision, hope, respect, and results for Danbury."

Running on the theme of improving the quality of life in the area, in the ad, Abrantes outlines a number of her goal if elected mayor, which includes getting a handle on irresponsible development, addressing traffic concerns including road improvements, reduce rising water and sewer rates while controlling property taxes, and investing more manpower to the police force.

Abrantes also gives a preview of goal views for the environment by announcing the establishing a "Danbury goes green" initiative as well as a realistic open space program.

You can listen to the new radio ad below.