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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lieberman for Attorney General?

I wouldn't put it pass him to accept the offer, we finally be rid of Lieberman forever.
That's what Marjorie Cohn is saying on The Thom Hartmann Show. The talk started a few hours ago, from what they're saying. (not that it didn't occur to any of us earlier, but it's going around now) Per Cohn:

• It would stop the Senate investigations dead in their tracks.

• It would guarantee a Senate confirmation.

• It would change the balance of power in the Senate, in favor of the Republicans.

• And it smells of Karl Rove.

Oh, if Karl Rove has anything to do with this, Lieberman jumping ship is very realistic.

Let me add to Cohn's list of reason's Lieberman would consider the offer:

• It would be the ultimate revenge to the Democrats who didn't stick by him after the primary.

• Joe's STILL a VERY bitter person after what happened during last year's campaign and will probably never recover from the embarrassment of losing the primary.

• He probably wouldn't mind going out with Bush in 2008 and bringing an end to his political career.

• He's radioactive and once the Democrats have more of a majority of the senate in 2008, he's also be irrelevant.

Can someone verify this for me:

If Joementum gives up his seat, Rell could appoint a Republican in his place (what's the difference) BUT there would have to be a special election in 2008, which means we could finally have a true Democrat representing Connecticut (because there isn't a chance in hell any Republican could win a senate seat in this state).

I think it's time to place a call into the Sec of State's office...

As a sidenote, if you're not doing anything today, join MoveON.org and welcoming Senator Lieberman to his new neighborhood in Stamford today at 4 PM.

UPDATE: I found my answer from the Sec. of State's website and I'm correct, there would have to be a special election in 2008.