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Friday, August 17, 2007

Senator Dodd calls for hault on the import of Chinese toys

From Senator Dodd's press release
In a letter sent to the White House yesterday, Presidential Candidate Chris Dodd called on President Bush to use his executive powers and his rights under the WTO to suspend imports on food, toys and pet food from China. Wednesday at the Iowa Federation of Labor, Senator Dodd called for a suspension on imports of food, toys and pet food from China, citing safety concerns.

"While it is clear that many US businesses who choose to locate their manufacturing facilities outside of the United States have failed to guarantee the safety of their products, it is also clear that the US Government's current inspection system is simply inadequate," said Dodd in the letter. "Therefore, I urge you to work with the US Congress to devise a more robust and effective inspection mechanism, so that we can make certain that all products imported to the United States and used by American consumers are safe, regardless of where these products originate."

Yesterday, on CNN's The Situation Room, Dodd elaborated on his call for a halt on Chinese imports.