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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

He's back

...online that is.

One Year Later

I am so proud of the most important and lasting legacy of our campaign: you, the tens of thousands of new voters, hundreds of new activists, and vast numbers of staffers, volunteers, and supporters who have stayed involved. You are running for office, joining your local town committee, getting involved in other campaigns, and keeping your representatives honest.

One year after the primary, so many of you are staying active and continuing to challenge the status quo when it needs challenging.

In this spirit, we have relaunched NedLamont.com as a place where you can keep up to date on my political activities and stay connected.

To start, you can write a letter to the editor about what last year’s primary victory meant to you, sign up to stay connected via email updates, read some of my reflections from the campaign trail, take action to help defeat the Republicans up for re-election who have been blocking bipartisan progress on Iraq, or find out what I’ve been up to since November.