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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The day CTBob and Spazeboy were born

In my continuation of looking back at the Lamont campaign, I thought it would be great if I go back to that fateful day in April 2006 where, at a Lamont event at Napeles Pizza, I first met the great CTBob and the person now known as Spazeboy caught the videoblogging itch.

First, a bit of background. I first knew Beau from his site LaResistance (hmm, I don't know is he even has that site still up any longer) and but at the time, he didn't do video blogging and I was the only person posting videos of Lamont on the internet (I think).

When I arrived to Naples Pizza, I did my usual set-up and asked this guy to hold up a piece of paper so I can adjust my camera and to my surprise, the guy knew that I was adjusting my white balance, which is extremely unusual since most people have no idea about the importance of white balance. Frustrated, that I was in such a small area and needed someone to help me out, out the corner of my eye, I saw Beau and basically threw my camera into his hands and pointed to Ned.

While Beau was firing off shots, he managed to get in the way of the guy who help me with my white balance and he told Beau to get out of his way. At that moment, CTBlogger, Spazeboy, and the guy better known as CTBob were introduced to each other.

The rest is videoblogging history.

Enjoy this look back at the birth of two of Connecticut's most famous bloggers...this report was originally posted on April 7, 2006.

click on image to enlarge
The Ned Lamont express made a stop in New Haven yesterday as a packed crowd of over 100 filled Naples Restaurant on Wall Street to hear a few words from their man.

The event, organized by Democracy for America, was a success as Lamont not only fired up the crowd with his speech, but was on top of his game answering a wide range of questions ranging from his views on Israel, to his views on health care, energy conservation and the Bush administration’s handling of the war on terror.

The on-line media was out in full force as myself, Spazeboy from LaResistance, and BrandfordBoy and other writers from My Left Nutmeg made the trek to New Haven and witnessed Ned to his thing.

Editor Paul Bass from the New Haven Independent was also on the scene and offered his impressions on Lamont’s performance.
At Naples, Lamont spoke passionately about the war -- but he spoke mostly about a wide range of other issues, from the environment to health care.

And he was loose.

He told the crowd his original call to arms at campaign appearances: "We are gonna rock the boat, because the boat needs rockin'!"

Now he has a new message: "We're gonna win. People want a primary. They want a change... Start rockin' the boat!"
To put it simple, Ned was on fire and gave the best presentation I’ve seen to date.

The most noticeable change in Ned was how he effectively explained his position on several issues and how his positions differ from Lieberman. This is a different Lamont from the person who came to New Haven at the start of his campaign. Ned shows that he's listened to the people as he traveled across the state and that experience is now paying off as he clearly articulated his dissatisfaction with Lieberman and explained in great detail how he would handle things differently if elected to the senate.

click on image to enlarge
It's clear that Lamont is not an one-issue candidate and after watching the video clips, I think you’ll agree that the audience received Ned's message loud and clear and Joe might have some reason for concern.

Unlike most of my videos, these series of video clips are pretty long in length. If you experience any playback problems, hit pause and allow your computer to download the file (a couple of minutes should do the trick). MAJOR hat tip goes to Spazeboy with helping me with the video coverage and photography. Check out his site for more Lamont videos and audio clips.

Video clip 1: Ned stump speech (part 1)

Video clip 2: Stump speech (part 2)

Video clip 3: Q&A session (1 of 3)

Video clip 4: Q&A session (2 of 3)

Video clip 5: Q&A wrap-up