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Monday, November 27, 2006

Democratic aides not feeling the Joementum

Don't look at me, I voted for the True Democrat.

From the Raw Story
Democratic aides are upset that Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, who won reelection as an independent, has hired a former GOP spokesman who has also worked for the Christian Coalition and other conservative organizations, according to a Capitol Hill newspaper.

"Senate Democratic aides are a tad nervous about Sen. Joe Lieberman (Whatever-Conn.) hiring a former GOP spokesman to be his new communications director," Mary Ann Akers writes for Roll Call. "Especially those working for potential 2008 Democratic presidential contenders."

RAW STORY reported last week that 52-year-old political pundit and activist Marshall Wittmann, who formerly served as a senior fellow at the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), as a legislative director for the conservative Heritage Foundation, and as communications director to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), had been hired as Lieberman's new senate communications director.

"Several Senate Democratic aides say they’re uneasy about the notion of Lieberman’s new communications director, Marshall Wittmann, sitting in on their weekly press secretary meetings," Akers reports for Roll Call.
The aides have good reason to be nervous about the king of Bull Whittman. With the prospects of a laughable McCain/Lieberman 2008 ticket, I'd be nervous to have a known leaker and buddy of McCain sitting in on Democratic strategy meetings.

It's easy...do not trust Joe Lieberman or anyone on his staff.