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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wanna join team Joementum?

Do you want to work for one of the worse senators in Washington? Thankfully, the Carpetbagger gives the details so I don't have to.

The Senate Employment Bulletin is routinely used by Senate offices to announce job openings, but most of the time, staffers are vague about which senator it is. You'll frequently see descriptions such as "Midwestern Republicans seeks..." or "Southern centrist Democrat is looking for..."

Here's an actual listing from this week's Bulletin. See if you can guess which senator is hiring.

LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANT - Northeastern Independent Democratic Senator seeks Legislative Assistant to handle economic, budget, tax, and trade issues. This LA is responsible for monitoring pending legislation, drafting amendments and bills, meeting with constituents and lobbyists, preparing briefing material for the Senator for floor presentation, speeches, office meetings, and state events. Law or other advanced degree strongly preferred. Expertise in tax and economic policy, knowledge of Senate Floor procedures, and strong Hill experience preferred. Individual must possess a broad vision of overriding economic challenges of the 21st century, and an entrepreneurial ability to initiate and develop major projects with an impact on global competitiveness and economic issues. Other characteristics and skills should include an ability to analyze issues, strong oral and written communication skills, sound political judgment, and the ability to work under pressure. Interested candidates should fax cover letter indicating job referral number with resume, and writing sample to (202) 224-9750. Please do not submit resumes by email. No phone inquiries please.
If you want to share a room D.C's famous assclowns The Bull Moose and the great DANGERstein, you know what to do.