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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More feedback from the debate/poll results

Here's more feedback from people who were either watched or attendedMonday night's DeStefano-Rell debate.
My wife has always held Jodi Rell in disdain for two reasons; she's a Republican and that she never finished her education. That lack of education was laid bare for all to see last night.

Her car tax proposal is proof positive that she just doesn't get it. We have a 1987 Jeep Cherokee that costs us 40 bucks. Big Deal! What's 40 bucks in the grand scheme of things. We pay over 4,000 for our house and really don't get much in the way of services. Show me Real relief, not this bait and swith BS, and I will be eternally grateful. If some bozo wants to buy a 50,000 dollar BMW that they really don't need, then they can afford to pay the property taxes on it. Also under her plan, any vehicle with commercial and combination plates would not qualify for the rebate. So everybody with a pick-up truck would be ineligible. Nice way to stick it to working people. Are you comprehending this "hard working man" (our newest troll)?

I was frankly embarassed for her. Her claim to not have made any mistakes and her bungled Senate endorsement were absolutely painful. I actually cringed. She is truly the Accidental Governor.

Who actually called her Granny Clean? I read it here about a month ago and can't get it out of my head. It's the best one I've ever heard.


I wasn't there, but watching the videos I was really impressed with John DeStefano and believe he won the debate hands down!!!! There he was discussing the real facts that most people are feeling, like high energy prices, like health care costs, transportation problems, and giving solutions to these problems. He was definitely in command of the facts. All Jodi Rell could offer was a rosy fake picture stating everything was okay and don't let any one try and confuse you with the facts! She looked like she should have been giving a speech at the women's Auxiliary Club for their next bake sale, instead of a Governor's debate, for which she was totally unprepared!

She came across as someone who was just filling the office until they could find someone more qualified. And the debate proved without doubt that John DeStefano is more than qualified and should be our next governor!

His response, "I pray I'll never be in politics so long as to give an answer like that." was priceless and will go down as one of the greatest comments in the debate!!!


Michael Rell was very very upset by the signs that read

Brains are over-rated , Vote for Rell

Bush and Rell,C Students All the Way


College Drop-outs for Rell

I Never Finished Either.

I must give him credit though. He left New London without stealing an automobile or committing a felony. Must be that good clean upbringing.

Here are the poll results from three of the major blogs in Connecticut.

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